Painted breasts - a photographic essay

If you've seen the Youtube video exploring some of the finer examples of painted breasts and, indeed, body painting as a whole you'll perhaps be beginning to understand just what a magnificent canvas is the naked female body when it comes to creating works of art.

(If you haven't seen the painted breasts movie yet, here it is for your enjoyment!)

While you're looking at these fine examples of painted breasts, allow your mind to wander. If you wanted to create a work of art like this, what would you do? What ideas spring to mind? If you allow your mind to wander, perhaps you'll be inspired to create some amazing painted breasts of your own...

If you've come here looking for the high-resolution versions, be sure to check back soon. The finishing touches are being added and the "painted breasts movie" will be available to download in quicktime, windows media and divx formats shortly.

Painted Breasts

Painted breasts are one of the more interesting aspects of body painting. Aside from the titillation aspect, painted breasts can be intricate works of art, often as a small part of a much larger work of body paint artwork.

Here's a short video that provides some examples of body painting, with painted breasts featuring prominently.